Mozambique – Naamacha

2012 – Instituto das Filhas de Maria Auxiliadora

Floods, AIDS and HIV are just some of the many problems in Mozambique, one of the poorest countries in the world. The children are less than 10 years old when they have to leave their families and are “sold” to work in Swaziland or South Africa or are forced into prostitution.

Girls are particularly affected. They are considered inferior, are neglected, exploited and abused. Being a child or being able to go to school to learn to read, do arithmetic, and write remains an unattainable dream for many children from Mozambique.

In Naamacha, a village on the border of Swaziland and South Africa, Salesian sisters established a home for these girls. They built a dormitory, opened a public school and a kindergarten. The sisters have created the opportunity for the young people to learn various trades.

Today, 96 girls between the ages of 6 and 17 live in the dormitory, 800 students are taught and 300 children attend the kindergarten every day. The children and young people find a safe place to live in Naamacha. Going to school and learning a trade give them a perspective on life and enable them to lead a self-determined life.