May 2016
Capucin Mission bakery training

The bakery is located on the premises of the Capucin Mission in Lusangazi. The site is approximately 7 km from Mzuzu. The building is approximately 155 square meters, including an integrated 40-foot container.

The Capucin Mission already operates a girls’ boarding school, a carpentry shop, an oil mill, a corn mill and a small shop on the site.

The most important goals of the training bakery are:

1. Training of young school graduates to become bakers based on the international UIB standard to secure their standard of living.

2. Supplying the local population with good quality bread at affordable prices and selling European baked goods specialties to restaurants and hotels.

3. The independent operation of the training bakery by generating profits that serve to financially support the Capucin Mission and its projects.