Namibia – Tsumeb

2001 – Minen Bakery

The “Brot gegen Not” foundation has started its first project in Namibia, in southern Africa. Namibia is characterized by high social imbalance. There is no standardized vocational training. Most jobs are taught through apprenticeships, with no curriculum, grades, or formal qualifications.

The San (Bushmen) are the worst affected. They are considered the indigenous people of Africa and lived as hunters and gatherers in harmony with nature until colonization. Their lives today are characterized by extreme poverty, unemployment, alcoholism and hunger.

In the north of Namibia lies Tsintsabis, a well-known village of the San. “Brot gegen Not” has decided to set up its first bakery there and to offer young San an apprenticeship in the bakery trade. Under the guidance of an experienced German baker, the first group learned how to bake typical types of bread. Later, the bakery moved to the nearby town of Tsumeb to sell the breads, buns and cakes it produced to townspeople, shops, hotels and restaurants. The project was completed in 2008.