Lebanon – Tyre

2003 – Sonbola

In September 2003, “Brot gegen Not” set up a training bakery in Lebanon. It is located in the city of Tire (Sur) in southern Lebanon, the beginnings of which date back to the time of the Phoenicians in the 3rd millennium. Tyros is located directly on the sea, 95 km south of Beirut. The port city can be reached in an hour by car from Beirut. Here the cooperation partner of the foundation, the Al Jaafarieh Charitable Foundation, has built a home for mentally handicapped and able-bodied children and young people. The “Mosan Center for Special Needs” is the only center of its kind in southern Lebanon.

Around 100 boys and girls are now looked after and cared for. They receive a basic school education and then, depending on their skills, are trained in different trades, for example in a sewing workshop or in a wood workshop.

A training bakery run by “Brot gegen Not” makes a useful addition to the aid project. A baker who works on a voluntary basis familiarized the future trainers with baking, the recipes and the baking machines from Germany. The two already know the craft, because they are typical flat bread bakers. They are now passing on their knowledge and training not only the mentally handicapped but also needy young people who live on the streets.

The sale of the baked goods, mainly to German-Lebanese or Russian-Lebanese families, again benefits the aid project. Various types of bread such as B. Kosakenbrot, Rheinisches Graubrot or Berliner Landbrot baked using pure natural sour. In addition, the young bakers produce a wide variety of products from puff pastry. The most important impulses of the “recipe for more humanity” have thus been established. Training – Supply – Sales.