Bosnia – Tuzla

2006 – Pekara

About 12 km from Tuzla is the children’s village “Selo Mira”, which means peace village. Here the “Children’s Future” (Rudolf Walther Foundation) built a children’s village right after the terrible war in the former Yugoslavia. This war took away many children’s parents and homes. There are currently around 170 children living in the children’s village. Grandparents who were fleeing with their grandchildren were also taken in at the “Selo Mira” children’s village so as not to destroy the only contacts they had.

Children from broken marriages find a new home here. They remain in the care of “Selo Mira” until they are 18 years old. Young people who are in training can stay in the youth center until they graduate. The children’s village offers young people apprenticeships in various professions. Interested parties have the opportunity to practice their training in a carpenter’s workshop, a sewing workshop, in a kitchen, a car repair shop and in a garden center.

In mid-December 2005, “Brot gegen Not” set up a training and production bakery right next to the training center.

Since February 2006 there has been training in the bakery. The first training was taken over by the volunteer master bakers. Young people who live outside the children’s village also have the opportunity to be trained as bakers.

Both German and local baked goods are baked. Rye and mixed rye breads are already very popular in Turija, a small town nearby. Self-supply with baked goods in the children’s village is going very well. At the request of the director of the children’s village, the offer of white bread was stopped. Instead, “Rheinisches Graubrot” is now baked, along with 80 other types of bread.